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Is your website your company’s lean mean marketing machine helping you to generate more sales or is it driving away your customers? Need to revamp your website content to give it the much needed overhaul? With the rapidity of change in cyberspace these days, it’s not hard to imagine that websites can quickly become outdated and become your cyberspace equivalent of a dinosaur.

A business website is an essential asset even for small mom and pop shops. But designing, updating and managing a website can often be tedious, time-consuming work. Many resource-strapped organizations find themselves overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on a full website revamp. Pure Digital Stands in Role for you. We will analyse your website and share list suggestions to grasp more traffic and go ahead of competitors.

Pure Digital has implemented website redesign projects for over a decade and above all aspires to offer everything under the same roof with a professional and humane approach. We constantly and with pleasure work together with design and creative agencies in website projects.Allow us to turn your online nineties lemon into a lean, mean, profitable machine with our website revamp/redesign services.


Website Revamp Phases

Audit your Current Website

The first step of our website redesign checklist is all about reviewing where you currently stand. By going through your analytics to see user trends, you may be shocked to find pages no one felt were important are generating a decent amount of traffic.

Analyze the Competition

Gathering website inspiration and analyzing your competitor’s websites help you get a view of industry best practices and where you can shake things up a bit (as long as it benefits the user).

Set Goals

With the amount of money and effort that goes into a website redesign, knowing if it’s a success is critical. Creating realistic goals for your site to reference and measure your success is extremely important

Hire Web Development Agency

Select the right web development agency nearby you to revamp your current website. Share your research and ask for suggestion. Once done with initail discussion must finalize the platform and new user interface of the website.

Review & Make New Website Live

Once the design and development phases is completed , Make sure all and checklist task are done and your website look refresh. Share and ask for feedback. Make the required changes and go live with new look website.

Website Maintaince

Your website surely can have room for improvement, as they open up with passing time. We’ll take steps to ensure that you get nothing but the industry-level standards and features through innovative and effective utilization of technologies.


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