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Our web design concept is easy to follow and we have illustrated it below as an easy guide line to follow. This illustrations will give you a clear understanding of the webite life cycle and transparenncy

Our specialty is that we can listen to your problems and issues that you are facing and come up with the right solutions. We will help educate you and get you up to speed in the digital world and find ways to resolve these problems to make your business efficient and increase profits.

It is important for us to make you understand the concepts that are widely available and how to make use of it to get better growth for your business. We cover enough to get any start up business placed on the digital map with a budget to suit or we can then take you on a journey that will help utilise better solutions for the long term so call us now …


Website Design Phases


We make contact with you and have a needs analysis regarding you curent business issues and where you would like to be in 6-12 months time. We discuss various options available and make sure that it is the right for your needs


This is ver mportant and for us to cature all the required informations regarding your business needs and make sure that we also include you in documenting and add the right content needed for your website. This information is reviewed by us before publishing on the website.


One all the relevant informaton is collected we can start wth the design functions and wire frames if required. This stage Is als very imprtant as your website start becoming live and you will be able to review and check the designs we provide on and link during design phase.


Once the Design has been approved we start editing and adding the relevant content to the website. This includes professionally written content or just content by your self with high quaity images and grahics where requied


The website will be on a live link through out the development process and changes can made before deployment. Once the website get the final sign off we ill se the website live and you cab start promoting your website to your customers and new platforms


Ofcourse like anything else we own there is always maintence, website version updates integrating other technologies when they become avaiable. We also take care of this as long as the hoistng is with us on our platfroms.


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