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Our SEO concept is easy to follow and we have illustrated it below as an easy guide line to follow. This illustrations will give you a clear understanding of the SEO Cycle and transparency

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is the set of activities performed to make sure your website as search engine friendly as possible. Using SEO tecniques helps bring your website high up on Googles 1 st page results and drive organic traffic to your website.

SEO is the most important task that needs to be done once a website is completed its buld stage. SEO results will not show immediatley however the results over long term far outweigh any PPC campaign you do. SEO is very important and should be basic housekeeping for any website owner.


Search Engine Optimization Phases

Onboarding Website

It’s the stage where we come in by actually coming in and meeting with you to hear all your concerns. This shall involve you relating all your goals, metrics, demographics and other necessary objectives that you want to achieve with the SEO service. In turn, we’ll relate how exactly we do SEO.

Assessment and Strategy

This stage of operations shall intrinsically follow the creation of a report. It shall involve all the necessary information, including keywords, search volumes, rankings and traffic. The eventual result shall help us in formulating the exact strategy that we plan to follow and adhere to.

Onsite Optimization

e’ll now take measures in terms of ensuring that all possible concerns that the existing website may have shall be optimized in terms of the search returns across all possible landing pages. This will involve subtle changes to the existing ones, as well as creation of some new ones.

Offsite Optimization

Your website doesn’t exist is a bubble, and there are a number of extrinsic steps that needs to be taken. This has mainly to do with listing your business information across strategically important places where it’s consequential, especially the main business aggregators and the online directories.

Implementing Content Strategy

Its also essential that we invoke the careful yet regular update of content on your website that people will value and appreciate. For this reason, we also implement our content writing services under full consideration of your own discretion.

Ongoing SEO

Our SEO activities for you won’t end until you say so. But, it all depends upon the advantages you may derive from our services. We’ll continue by applying and updating keywords across strategically essential parts of the HTML of your website. We’ll also help in providing linkages, which shall provide outreach and a multitude of different entry points.


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