What Is ERP?

(ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning is an efficient way to manage Small, Medium and Large Companies using a single solution. ERP PLUS technology provides you with tools and a complete view of all your customers making Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a breeze.


Why ERP Plus?

ERP Plus allows you to start off small, scale up when your business needs to grow. You can easily manage Financials, Human Resources, Inventory, invoicing and much more using a single solution. ERP PLUS can streamline your business process through creative and intuitive AI Solutions.


ERP Deployment

ERP plus is a web based application and can be deployed in minutes by registering a free trial account. Once you are happy with your trial you can purchase your preferred applications to suit your business needs. Avoid Painful integrations with different applications and reduce IT costs now .  


ERP Integrations

ERP PLUS covers all your business needs in a one-stop solution. No more interfaces upgrades and updates between different software required. ERP PLUS apps are perfectly integrated to each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes as and when you choose for full flexibility 


Highly Scalable

Start off small and as your company grows with more customers and employees, just add the applications to scale your needs and pay as you go . This feature allows you to keep your costs down while your business has a chance to grow reducing headaches.   


Backup and Restore

Good reliable systems are hard to find and often not easy to use. ERP PLUS takes away the head aches when it comes to growing your systems with your one stop solution. ERP PLUS has easy to use features with one click backup and restore from all your stored files.  


Manage your business smartly with our fully customisable ERP solution: Only pay for what your business requires

ERP PLUS is a flexible ERP platform which scales to business of any size. There is a common misconception that ERP solutions are only suitable for large organizations. In fact, small to medium sized businesses can also benefit from customizable ERP solutions. Our solution is based on modular architecture which can adapt according to your business requirements and grows with your business!


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